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Imports and exports in Turkey

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Turkey and the EU have developed a strong economic relationship even if Turkey is not yet an EU member, but it signed a Customs Union agreement with the European Union in order to encourage trade and economic relationships. In recent years, the EU has ranked 1st at the top of Turkey’s imports and exports, while Turkey is the 7th in the EU top imports and 5th for exports. Turkey exported in EU many categories of goods, such as equipment for transport, textiles, agricultural products, cars, etc. and imported chemical products, machinery, and transport materials. The Customs Union agreement has encouraged the trade between the two entities because it stipulates free circulation of goods. The products having an ATR certificate and being delivered to Turkey have preferential treatment. The Customs Union refers to industrial goods and not agricultural products, except the processed agricultural ones, services, and public procurement. The trading sector is one of the largest contributors to the Turkish economy, therefore starting a trading business in this country is very appealing to foreign entrepreneurs. Foreign investors interested in opening companies in the import-export sector in this country can rely
on the company formation services offered by our consultants.

Customs regimes in Turkey

There are eight customs regimes in Turkey according to the local legislation:

  • - Release for Free Circulation;
  • - Transit;
  • - Customs Warehousing;
  • - Inward Processing;
  • - Processing Under Customs Control;
  • - Temporary Admission;
  • - Outward Processing;
  • - Exportation.